Laura Becknod is an 18-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Alessandra Laura Becknod was born on September 1, 1994 to Grenda Becknod, a hearse driver and a mysterious man that examined dead bodies. Grenda and the man met each other one day in a hospital. Grenda had come to pick up the body and the man was leaving after the examination. Grenda instantly fell in love with the man. They had a baby girl named Alessandra. Alessandra's hair was naturally a light purple. The man said it reminded her of Grenda. Grenda became furious with the man and told him he needed to leave. The man said okay and sunk into the ground. This scarred Grenda and made her go insane. The Feds took Grenda to an asylum leaving Laura in the streets to fend for herself. Laura was always called a freak and a loner until one day when she met a boy named Clover. Clover was a homeless orphan just like Laura and they became best friends. On fact Clover was the one who suggested that Laura adopt her middle name because Laura despised the name Alessandra. Clover took Laura to a place where he said "Things would be better for them". Laura put all of her trust into Clover who took her to Camp Half-Blood.

Early LifeEdit

Laura was alone on the streets trying to fend for herself until she was 8 and met Clover, who took care of Laura. Clover loved Laura like a little sister he never had. Laura and Clover somehow managed to live in an old abandoned shack together on just a few pieces of bread and chicken a day. They found water in a lake near the shack. When Laura was 11 Clover took Laura to camp where she is still staying in the Hermes cabin since her father has not yet claimed her.


Laura has naturally purple hair that she dyes red, pink, or red. She has large blue eyes and a beautiful smile.



None yet!


  • Laura can visit the Underworld
  • Laura can resurrect the dead
  • Laura has a sword named Black Revenge
  • Laura is a beautiful singer because she made her living singing on the street sides


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