Lee Jefferson
Lee Jefferson
General Information
Full Name Leonard Matthew Jefferson
DOB December 14, 1995
Age 18
Biographical Information
Birthplace Indianapolis, Minnesota
Godly Parent Hermes
Mortal Parent Florance Jefferson
Weapon(s) Dagger
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Other Information
Relationship Status Crushing on Mari Delhi
Other Names Lee
Years at Camp 4
Fatal Flaw Curiosity

Roleplayer MermaidatHeart

Lee Jefferson is a 18-year-old son of Hermes. He is roleplayed by MermaidatHeart.


Lee was born to Hermes, god of thieves, and Florance Jefferson, a dentist. Lee loved pulling pranks on his mother, so she considered him a disobedient child. On his 7th birthday, he and Florance were attacked by a harpy, which killed Florance. Lee lost his left leg in the accident, and was sent to live with his mother's friend's family: the Wolf family, which consisted of Meredith Wolf, Becca Wolf, and Chloe Wolf. When their mother, Amy died, they were sent to live with thier Aunt Becca, who turned out to be Lilly Bushes. She brought them to camp when Lee was 14, and he was excited to know that Meredith, Becca, and Chloe were also children of Hermes. The missing leg had always been a set down, but he never let it completley destroy him. He picked himself up and let go of the bad times.

Lee's fatal flaw is his curiosity. He always wonders about things that are unknown. Like Pandora, he opened up the gate to the harpy (which was an eagle through the mist) because he wondered about what wa in it.

Early LifeEdit

Before he turned 7,  the other kids his age said he was one of the coolest kids in his neighboorhood because of his pranking his mother, but Florance didn't see it that way. She considered sending him to a Military school, but couldn't because of the harpy attack. Once he was sent to the Wolf family, his life was a breeze. He loved hanging out with his sister, Meredith, as they were about the same age.


Lee has tanned skin, brown hair, and hair that goes to his ears. His right leg has been replaced with a peg leg, which he is really fond of.




  • Lee is amazing at pranking
  • Lee's right leg is a peg leg.
  • Lee has a dagger as his main weapon.
  • Lee is allergic to peanut butter.


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