Relationship Information
Between Liam Blanchard

Delaney Harper

Status Best friends


Roleplayers Miramc22


Lianey (Li/am and Del/aney) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Liam Blanchard and Delaney Harper. The two are best friends, and are currently dating.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both have a godly mother.
  • Both have a mortal father.

Liam's Opinion of DelaneyEdit

When Liam first met Delaney he never expected that he would develop a crush on her. But it turns out he cares for Delaney more then anything. He wants to ask her out but is a little scared to do so because he is afraid of getting rejected. Liam still plans on asking her out because he really wants to be more then just friends.

Delaney's Opinion of LiamEdit

Delaney has always liked Liam from the moment she met him, but she is not sure that Liam feels the same way about her and he only may consider her as a friend only. She would like to be more than friends, but she doesn't know how to tell this to him, and if she does, if it will affect their friendship. She cares about him a lot, and she hopes that they can be more than friends someday.

Fan InterpretationsEdit


  • MermaidatHeart- I'm not really sure why, I just want Liam to be hooked up. :}
  • Miramc22- I'm excited for this ship to become a sailing ship. SHIP ALL THE SHIPS
  • Noahm450- I agree with Mira. I'm going to get Liam and Delaney hooked up :)

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