Lillian Preston is a fourteen year old daughter of Hecate. 
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Early Life Edit

Lilian grew up in Texas with her Aunt after the death of her three siblings. Before the death of her siblings, she used to live in Florida. Her Dad was an astrologer and he met Hecate at a magic show. They instantly feel in love and soon Lilian, Rikkard, Victoria and Michael were born. However things changed when her Dad and siblings died and she had to move in with her Aunt.

When she was twelve her best friend turned out to be a satyr, who brought her to camp half blood.

Biography Edit

Lilian was always a happy child. However, she surprised herself by drawing new runes and pictures from the imagined lives of her siblings. She also used this ability to save herself and Brain(the satyr). She built black holes where the monsters disappeared into and thus the trio of Lilian, Brian and Mariya, a girl who they had seen being washed ashore, completely dry, reached Camp safe and sound.

Friends Edit


Mariya Rastova (best friend)


Greek monsters

Powers Edit

She fights with a knife.

She has the ability to make things real for a short while by drawing

She can sometimes make new spell by rune magic

She is good at transfiguration.

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