Lily King
General Information
Full Name Lilyanna Elizabeth King
DOB July 2000
Age 14
Biographical Information
Birthplace Charleston, SC
Godly Parent Ares
Mortal Parent "Andie"
Weapon(s) silver knife, Celestial bronze knife
Species demigod
Status alive
Physical Information
Hair Color brown
Eye Color gold
Gender female
Height 5'8"
Other Information
Relationship Status single
Other Names Lily, Lil
Years at Camp 3
Fatal Flaw inferiority

Roleplayer Violetbells13

Lily King is a fourteen-year old daughter of Ares.

Biography Edit

Lily was born sometime in July 2000 to Ares and a former soldier from Iraq, whose full name is unknown. She is only known as Andie. Soon after Lily's birth, Ares left Lily and Andie, and a distraught Andie left for Iraq again. Andie was never seen again.

When Andie left, the baby Lily stayed with her aunt, uncle, and cousin, but they died in a car crash. Miraculously, Lily survived with only a broken ankle that never completely healed.

Because her only remaining relative had just died of a heart attack, Lily was moved to an orphanage in Washington, D.C. She was one of the youngest children there, and barely anyone would even say that they had had been close to Lily.

Lily was a fighter and wasn't afraid to physically hurt someone after they had hurt her, either physically or emotionally. She also struggled in school because she couldn't read until she was five and couldn't understand most math problems.

Early Life Edit

Lily had a very rough childhood. She was abandoned by her parents, and her aunt, uncle, and cousin died in a car crash that she was in, where she broke her ankle. Then, because her grandfather had died from a heart attack, she had to go to an orphanage.

By the time she was four, she was bullied for her inability to read or do any math problem, or her fighting spirit. Instead of ignoring the insults or telling someone about it, Lily would retaliate physically. This caused the others to be wary around her, and nobody would try to be her friend.

Finally, when Lily was seven, two girls, Reace and Annika, were nice to her. Lily was cautious around them. She suspected that they would turn on her one day, but they never did. The three became close friends, and, a year later, they were adopted together. On that day, Lily received a silver knife with a mysterious note attached. It read:


This is from your father. I wish you well in your travels. The knife will come in handy. Don't be afraid to use it.

Lily's new family, the Kings, were better than she could have hoped for. But, sadly, two years later, a family of werewolves attacked and killed Lily's adoptive parents. Lily, Annika, and Reace barely escaped, thanks to Lily's knife.

The three girls wandered north to Camp Half-Blood, barely surviving. Many monsters attacked them in the year they were living on the streets, and they were half dead by the time they crossed the camp borders.

Appearance Edit

Lily is tall with brown hair and gold eyes. She limps on her right ankle, which was broken as an infant and never healed completely. She's strong and much faster than you'd expect, what with her ankle and all.

Alliances Edit

Enemies Edit

None... yet.

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