Logan McAndrew
Daughter of Hephaestus
General Information
Full Name Logan Alexia McAndrew
DOB June 23, 2002
Age 12
Biographical Information
Birthplace Stamford CT
Godly Parent Hephaestus
Mortal Parent Anna McAndrew
Weapon(s) Celestial bronze sword
Species demigod
Status alive
Physical Information
Hair Color red
Eye Color brown
Gender female
Other Information
Relationship Status single
Years at Camp 3
Fatal Flaw silliness

Roleplayer EmmaCrystalline

Logan McAndrew is a twelve-year-old daughter of Hephaestus.

Biography Edit

Logan and her twin brother Alex were born on June 23, 2002, to the Greek god of fire and the forge, Hephaestus, and Anna McAndrew. When Logan and Alex were a few days old, Hepahestus left the three. Logan and Alex would never know what it's like to have a father.

Early lifeEdit

Logan was happy and goofy when she was growing up. She didn't care that she was different from most other kids. It was impossible to hurt her. She didn't take offense at anything... at least she didn't appear to.

At home she was a dark and stormy girl most times. She would lock herself in her room for hours on end to expel the dark energy from her mind.

She tried to wave off the creatures that followed her around, but she was deeply affected. But it was really hard to do that, and people rarely saw Logan.

When she was nine, her mother brought Logan and Alex to Central Park in New York City. A carriage horse became a rabid centaur, so Anna brought the twins to Camp Half-Blood.


Loganhas red hair and brown eyes.


Alex McAndrew (twin brother)


None yet

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