Lynne Lockwood
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General Information
Full Name Lynne Leia Lockwood
DOB January 18, 1998
Age 17
Biographical Information
Birthplace Orlando, Florida
Godly Parent Athena
Mortal Parent John Lockwood
Weapon(s) Bow and Arrow
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Gender Female
Height 5’7”
Other Information
Relationship Status Crushing on Lee Rixa
Other Names None
Years at Camp 1
Fatal Flaw Inferiority

Roleplayer Miramc22

"I mean, just look at me. When you look at me, it isn't difficult to tell that I already have a foot in the grave."
―Lynne, to Lee Rixa in the Library.
Lynne Lockwood is a 17-year-old daughter of Athena. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Lynne Leia Lockwood was born on January 18, 1998 to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, and John Lockwood, a middle school teacher. John met Athena when Athena came to visit at John's middle school, and John fell in love with Athena. Athena liked John, and she thought that she was a great person, and they often spent a lot of their time together. When John had known Athena for about a year, John proposed, and Athena refused. John was very upset because he really cared for Athena, and he thought that Athena felt the same way about him. Athena, however, who still took a liking to John, revealed that she was the Greek goddess Athena, and she decided that she would give him a child, as he was one of the men that she favored. While Athena was imagining her daughter, she realized that John was a carrier for the cystic fibrosis genetic disorder, and that the child would have to possess the deadly disease. Athena did not share this with John, and he did not realize this when Athena gave him their daughter, which he called Lynne. As soon as Athena gave John their daughter, she told him that their child was a demigod, and about Camp Half-Blood, and she told John to send Lynne there as soon as she was old enough, because Athena wasn’t sure if John could handle their daughter. John agreed, and Athena left for Mount Olympus, leaving John with Lynne. For the first few months of her life, Lynne was healthy, but she was always having trouble catching her breath. John dismissed this, because he didn’t think anything of it. At school, Lynne was easily the most intelligent in her class, and she had a great memory. Her father was very proud of her for this, and he realized that Athena had created the perfect child for him. He entered Lynne in spelling bees and book clubs, which Lynne loved. She loved reading as a child, because she thought that the worlds she read about were amazing, and she always favored fiction over nonfiction. She could sometimes be too hyper as a child, and she was always daydreaming. She had a difficult time paying attention to things, but John didn’t think anything of it. As Lynne grew older, however, her genetic disorder became more clear, and there were often times where she stopped breathing altogether, or she couldn’t catch her breath. John took Lynne to the doctor when Lynne was 12 and about to enter middle school, where the doctor diagnosed her with cystic fibrosis and ADHD. John was furious with Athena, because while she was creating their perfect child, she still gave her the genetic disorder that would most likely kill her, but he was also mad at himself for giving the trait to Lynne. The doctor decided that it would be best to give Lynne oxygen therapy, which meant Lynne having to breathe through a nasal cannula connected to an oxygen tank that was to be carried with her, but she still had trouble taking deep breaths and being active for long periods of time. Lynne hated this at first, but she eventually grew to accept that she was going to have to be on oxygen therapy for a while. She began to realize that the disorder would take her life, which sent her into depression. John decided to homeschool Lynne, even though he didn’t have much time for her as a working single parent. He hired a woman named Miss Mary to homeschool Lynne, whom Lynne immediately disliked. Miss Mary disliked Lynne as well, and Lynne hated being homeschooled. Miss Mary was often causing trouble at Lynne’s house, and things would often go wrong or life-threatening accidents would happen, like the kitchen stove setting the kitchen on fire, or Miss Mary forgetting to help Lynne change her oxygen tank. Lynne often thought that these accidents were actually meant to be life-threatening, but she learned to be very cautious around Miss Mary. Miss Mary taught Lynne for 3 years, when she began to act even stranger. She only taught Lynne Greek mythology, and she made sure that Lynne knew everything about the subject. At the beginning of 2014, Lynne had a major doctor's appointment, where she had a regular check-up. Her doctor gave her a new estimate for her life expectancy, which was 27. This devastated Lynne, and she began to feel like she wouldn't get to live her life at all, because she could be dead within the next ten years. In July of 2014, on Lynne’s last day of learning the subject, Miss Mary revealed herself to be a Fury in disguise as a mortal, and she attacked Lynne. She scratched Lynne’s right shoulder, leaving a scar, and Lynne fought back with a kitchen knife. Lynne wounded the Fury, but did not kill her. Lynne was exhausted, and she was having trouble catching her breath. John arrived home from work early, and he realized that Lynne had been attacked because of her being a demigod. He packed the car with her oxygen machine and Lynne’s kitchen knife, and they left for Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, New York. He explained everything to Lynne, and he told her that she was a demigod. Lynne was surprised, but she felt better when she found out that she would be going to a camp with other demigods. She was shocked that everything that Miss Mary had taught her was true, and she was also excited to come to Camp Half-Blood. They drove for hours without stopping, because John was determined to get Lynne to safety. They finally arrived in New York hours later, and they were both exhausted. When they were within minutes of arriving at Camp Half-Blood, the former Miss Mary arrived and attacked Lynne and John in their car. Lynne fought Miss Mary off with the kitchen knife again, but she had become tired and exhausted from this. John told Lynne to give her the kitchen knife, and she did, so that John could fight the fury off. He told Lynne to run for Camp Half-Blood, and even though she was already tired, she did. She found the strength to find Camp Half-Blood, and she wandered in the woods for a while, until she found the entrance. As she was getting to the entrance, she passed out from loss of oxygen, and other Campers found her nearby the entrance twenty minutes later. They concluded that she was a demigod after the boundaries of Camp Half-Blood allowed her in. Chiron sent Apollo’s children to take care of Lynne. They took care of her wounds from the fight with the Fury, but they found that their power could not heal her lungs, because it was a genetic disorder that they could not correct. She woke up in the Infirmary two days later, where she had fresh oxygen from her machine that had been in the wreckage of the car crash. She was given the kitchen knife that she and her father had fought with, but she received the news that John had been killed by the Fury, and then the Fury escaped. Lynne was devastated, because she felt alone now that her father was dead. When she left the Infirmary later that day, she was given a tour of the Camp. As she toured the camp, she realized that everyone was a skilled warrior, and she couldn’t really fight due to her condition. She was given a bed in the Hermes Cabin until she was claimed, but she didn’t feel like she fit in at Camp Half-Blood. That night, Lynne attended the Campfire, and she was claimed by Athena, who had decided to claim her because she was proud of the strength that Lynne showed to get to Camp Half-Blood. She was surprised that she had been claimed, but she hoped that being claimed would help her to fit in better at Camp Half-Blood. However, after she moved into the Athena Cabin, she still felt inferior to everyone else, and felt that everyone was staring at her. She decided that she would train to fight, because she was determined to show that she could be a skilled warrior like everyone else. She found that she was skilled with the bow and arrow, which she uses as her main weapon. She hasn’t been at Camp Half-Blood for very long, but she is determined to prove that she belongs there.

Lynne’s fatal flaw is her inferiority. She feels inferior to everyone else, because she sticks out from them with her nasal cannula and oxygen tank. She wants to be like everyone else, even though she knows that she can’t be. Her father once advised her that, knowing her, she'd do everything that she could to try and keep up with others. Lynne doesn't like admitting this, but she often doesn't realize when she does this, thinking that she knows better. She knows that she can’t ever be a hero, while everyone else has that chance, even though she is determined to prove this wrong.

Early LifeEdit

Lynne grew up being outgoing, nice, and funny. She knew that she could easily stop breathing for no reason, and she hated whenever she had trouble catching her breath. She was very cautious when it came to herself, even though she sometimes wanted to be normal and push her limits. Her father, John, signed her up for spelling bees, book club, and other activities that challenged her brain. She was always easily distracted, and she often daydreamed when she was supposed to be focusing. Lynne was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a deadly genetic disorder that mainly made it a struggle for her to breathe, and it caused other problems and complications, like digestion problems. John was proud of Lynne for being optimistic when she first started oxygen therapy when she was 12, but Lynne began to realize that not much could be done about her genetic disorder, and she realized that this meant that she was going to die from cystic fibrosis, and most likely at a young age. This sent her into a depression, and she often felt like she couldn’t do anything. She wanted to be normal, but she knew that she could never be like other people, and that she would always stand out with her medical complications, nasal cannula, and oxygen tank that she had to carry around. Her father took her out of school before she started middle school, and he hired someone to babysit and homeschool her while he was at work. Her teacher, Miss Mary, disliked Lynne, and Lynne disliked Miss Mary. Miss Mary was always creating trouble for Lynne, and she would often cause accidents that would threaten Lynne’s life. Miss Mary was always teaching Lynne about Greek mythology, which Lynne didn’t mind, because it was her favorite subject. Miss Mary wanted Lynne to know everything about Greek mythology, and she spent a lot of time on teaching Lynne everything that she knew about Greek mythology. In July of 2014, Miss Mary had finished Lynne’s Greek mythology unit. She revealed that she was actually a Fury in disguise as a mortal, which shocked Lynne. The Fury attacked Lynne, and Lynne fought the Fury off with a kitchen knife. The Fury wounded Lynne, and gave her a scar on her left shoulder. She only wounded the Fury and did not kill it, because she did not have a proper weapon. Lynne was out of breath after the attack, and her father came home early from work. John realized what had happened, and he decided that he needed to take Lynne to Camp Half-Blood. He packed the car for their trip, including Lynne’s oxygen machine, because he knew that she would need it at Camp Half-Blood. They drove from Orlando, Florida to Long Island, New York without stopping. When they were just minutes away from the entrance to Camp Half-Blood, the Fury that was formerly known as Miss Mary attacked Lynne and John in their car, wounding both of them. John took Lynne’s knife, and fought the Fury off for Lynne. He told her to get to Camp Half-Blood, so she ran to get there. While she was searching for the entrance in the woods, she realized that she had been running, and that her breathing was getting shorter. She found the entrance to Camp Half-Blood just as she passed out, and other Campers found her near the entrance about twenty minutes later. Chiron decided that Lynne needed immediate medical attention, and she was unconscious for two days before waking up. When she woke up, she was informed that her father had perished in the Fury attack, but her oxygen machine had been recovered from the wreckage, along with the kitchen knife that her father fought with. Lynne was devastated that her father did not make it, because she felt alone without him. She was given a tour of Camp Half-Blood, where she noticed that everyone was training to become a warrior or a hero that could fight evil. She realized that she wouldn’t be able to do so because of her condition, and she realized that she didn’t fit in at Camp Half-Blood, so she became determined to prove that she fits in at Camp Half-Blood. Later that night at the Campfire, Lynne was claimed by Athena, which helped to cheer Lynne up. She was glad that she was in a cabin that she liked, and she didn’t feel so alone after she realized that she had many half-siblings. She decided that she still wanted to train to become a hero, and she found the bow and arrow, which she learned that she was very skilled with. She wants to fit in at Camp Half-Blood, even though she knows that she stands out from others, and she wants to prove that she belongs at Camp.


Lynne has auburn red hair that is parted to the left and is usually curled at the ends. She has very pale skin, and beautiful brown eyes. She is very skinny, and she is tall, being 5’7”. She is considered pretty, even though she doesn't think so at all. She is always wearing a nasal cannula in her nose, which goes behind her ears and connects to a portable oxygen tank that she always carries with her.



  • None yet!


  • Lynne has cystic fibrosis.
  • Lynne is extremely intelligent.
  • Lynne loves reading.
  • Lynne is great with battle tactics.
  • Lynne has a photographic memory.
  • Lynne uses a bow and arrow as her weapon.
  • Lynne has ADHD.
  • Lynne is very outgoing.
  • Lynne can be very sarcastic.
  • Lynne has a good sense of humor.
  • Lynne can sometimes be a bookworm.


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