Macy McKenna Lone is a 13 year old camper at Camp Half Blood. She is a daugter of Poseidon. Her friends call her Macy or Kenna. She is roleplay by Trixie19.


Macy was born on May 22. 2 years before her sister Shields was born on the same date.  When Poseidon left her mother Brittney Lone she was heart broken and took it out on her daughters. She later re-married to Macy's step-father Peater Clark. They had another daughter Jamey. Macy and Shields loved Jamey. When Macy was 4 and Shields was 6, Jamey and their parents died in a fire. Macy and Sheilds were so sad their little sister had died that day. They were orphaned and left to fend for themselves. They were sent to a boarding school. When they were out of school they stayed at their grand-father's house (no not Kronos). Their grand-father was so kind. He let the sisters do whatever they wanted (within reason). On day the school satyr, Sam tood them they were demi-gods. Macy understoud the term because their grand-father made them read 1 hour a day from his huge libary. Macy read all the Greek Mythes. Sheilds only read romances or science fiction. Sam took them to Camp Half-Blood from Califonia. When they arrived they were of course welcome. Macy and Sheilds love Camp Half-Blood.


Macy has blond hair with purple dip dye (she changes sometimes). Her eyes are brown and she has a great smile. She looks just like her mother did. 



Not yet!


  • Macey can hold her breath for 10 minutes underwater.
  • Macey is a very fast swimmer.
  • Macey can control small parts of water.
  • Macy has a shield that turns into a penny.
  • Macy had a bag of grenades.
  • Macy has wolverine claws.


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