Madeline Carlton
General Information
Full Name Madeline Josephine Carlton
DOB June 26,1997
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace Yorkshire, England
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Mortal Parent Kevin Carlton
Weapon(s) knife
Species demigod
Status alive
Physical Information
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Gender female
Height 5'5
Other Information
Relationship Status single
Other Names Maddie
Years at Camp 3
Fatal Flaw panic attacks/anxiety

Roleplayer Noahm450

Madeline "Maddie" Carlton is a 16 year-old daughter of Aphrodite. Her role player is Noahm450.


Madeline '"Maddie" Carlton was born on June 26, 1997 to Kevin Carlton a fashion designer and Aphrodite the greek goddess of love. Kevin and Aphrodite met one day at a fashion show and fell in love with each other. Thry then got married and had Maddie. Maddie grew up in Yorkshire England. When she was 2 years-old Aphrodite left. Kevin was very sad but got over it for Maddie's sake. Maddie grew up in a very nice house in Yorkshire and was always bright and happy. But when she was 10, Maddie had a panic attack. A panic attack is were your body is automatically triggered to fight regardless if you are in danger or not. So after Maddie had her first panic attack her father took her to a docter. The docter said that Maddie was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. It only got worse from there, Maddie would never leave her room because she was so scared of having a panic attack in public. She wouldn't even go to school so her father had to home school her. One day Kevin got a new job in America becausw his old job was not paying very well. So Kevin had to drag 11 year-old Maddie in a plane despite her fear of having a panic attack so they could go to their new home. When Maddie arrived in her new home in Brooklyn she fell in love with it. She realized how much life had to offer and she finally got over her fear of having a panic attack in public. When she was 12 Maddie was wondering the streets one day when Aphrodite appeared to her and took her to camp.  Where she claimed her and then laft immediatly leaving Maddie to find out who she was for herself.

Early LifeEdit

As a child was always very jubilant and cheerful. But that changed at age 10 when she started to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Maddie hardly ever left her room for a whole year. Kevin even tried to hire a therapist but that didn't work. When her father told Maddie that they had to move she was both terrified and sad. On the plane Maddie had burts of panic attacks throughout the whole plane ride. But when Maddie arrived at her new home, she fell in love with it a decided that she wasn't going to let her panic attacks keep her back from exploring her new home. She finally went to a normal school again, and also found out she had a love for clothes, fashion, and makeup. Maddie loved in so much that she even made little videos of her doing her make up and about the new fashion trend. One day when she was taking a walk, Aphrodite appeared and without saying a word she trasported them to Camp Halfblood, claimed Maddie, and left without telling her where she was or who she was. Later on Chiron explained everything to her and called her father and explained everything to him as well. Maddie was very excited to be in Aphrodite cabin where she could be around people that loved fashion as much as her. But she had a lot of panic attacks the firts couple of days at camp. Most of her siblings didn't make fun of Maddie but helped her through her panic attacks which she was ever grateful for. Exept for Claire Blackwell who of course made fun of Maddie for her panic attacks. Maddie soon grew to love camp and the people there. She made many friends in her cabin as well as others and usually spends her days hanging out with friends, training, or doing her simblings make up. Maddie is very unique because she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety instead of dyslexia and ADHD like most other demigods.


Maddie has brown hair which is blonde at the tips which she can change from curly to straight and straight to curly naturally. She has icy blue eyes. Maddie is very fashionable and is great at applying make up and is very pretty.




  • Maddie can change the style of her hair naturally
  • Maddie is very fashionable
  • Maddie is very good at applying make up
  • Maddie fights with a knife
  • Maddie suffers from panic attacks
  • Maddie can make other people fall in love
  • Maddie can ruin relationships
  • Maddie can make members of the opposite gender fall in love with her


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