Mason Wright is a son of the goddess of magic Hecate.

Early Life Edit

Mason never knew who his real family were, or if he had any siblings. He has the faint memories of a car crash and of a brown haired girl pulling him from a car but nothing else. He had spent his entire life with the Wrights before he ran away at age thirteen.

Biography Edit

Mason was taken in by Old Lady Wright as everyone had called her when he was an infant. However, soon after that she dies and Mason's life took a turn for the worse. He was constantly reminded that the Wrights had saved him when he was nearly dead and at the bottom of a cliff. He was treated like Cinderella, made to work and abused but he had always been grateful to the Wrights for his life until Gabriel, the elder son of the family, a little younger to Mason, returned from Canada where he had gone to live with his aunt, who made Mason's life unbearable and even managed to convince the elders that Mason was a thief and liar ( which he was not) and thus should be turned over to the cops. Fearing the worst, Mason ran away after a futile attempt to clear his name. He still wants to do that someday but the one year he spent on the run, trying to follow his dreams which led him to Camp Half-Blood, taught him that he was different and would have to wait a long time before he was proved innocent.

Allies Edit


Enemies Edit


Abilities Edit

Mason has the ability to perform magic.

Mason can shape-shift.

Mason can sometimes look into the lives of his sisters and brother but he doesn't know that.

Mason can look into the minds of others briefly but it tires him a lot.

Gallery Edit

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