Matt is the 15 year old son of Amanda Summers and Apollo. His roleplayer is MC_Potions.


Matt is the younger brother of Desmond Summers. He always seemed to be in Desmonds shadow, even though he was just as popular. Matt's a little more reserved than Desmond, and chose to read and practice bass instead of hanging out with his brother all the time. Matt's always been the nice guy and had a talent for healing anyone and had a natural quick-healing ability.

Early LifeEdit

Matt was the calm and collective type, the opposite of his brother Desmond. Sure, he could get any girl he wanted, but he never tried. Matt constantly played bass and read all the time. Both he and Desmond were in a band till they got taken to Camp by two saytrs disguising as music scouts, where they learned they were sons of Apollo. This made sense because of their skill set. Matt loves the Campfire and his magic bass, which needs no amp, and his magic First Aid kit.


Matt has white-blonde hair and blue eyes. He's pretty short, standing at about 5'4 and skinny. He wears Skillet tshirts, a grey hooded jacket and jeans. 





  • Matt has a bow and arrow
  • All of his wounds heal at an incredible rate, except for fatal wounds
  • He has a magical first aid kit
  • He, like Desmond, can learn any instrument instantly


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