Meagan Queene
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General Information
Full Name Meagan Elizabeth Queene
DOB July 19, 1998
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace London, England
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Mortal Parent Peyton Queene
Weapon(s) Sword, but prefers not to have to fight
Physical Information
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Other Information
Other Names Meg, Queen"e" Meagan
Years at Camp 2
Fatal Flaw Attitude

Roleplayer JordynPallas

Meagan Queene is a 16 year old daughter of Aphrodite. Her roleplayer is JordynPallas .


Meagan Elizabeth Queene was born on July 19, 1998 to Peyton Queene and Aphrodite. Peyton was a very popular hairstylist in his hometown of London, England. When he and Aphrodite meet, they fell instantly in love. Soon after, they had Meagan. Aphrodite left as soon as she was born, but Peyton took care of Meagan. She grew up like a queen, her father even hired a maid to serve her. Her father had the best tutors he could get come to teach Meagan. Meagan was very popular in her town and was always invited to parties and other fun events. When she was 13 years old, one of the boys at a party she was at, asked her to step outside. As soon as they were alone, he explained that she was a demigod and took her to Camp Half-Blood. She was claimed by Aphrodite, which was really no surprise to anyone, as soon as she came into camp.

Meagan's fatal flaw is her attitude. She always has to get her way and she can be very bossy.

Early LifeEdit

Meagan grew up like a queen. She had a maid and tutors and was very popular. Her father always loved her. When she was thirteen, she was taken to Camp Half-Blood.


Meagan had blond hair and blue eyes. She always wears makeup and jewelry. She cares very much about her appearance and what people think of her.



  • Anyone who insults her or messes with her makeup


  • Meagan is incredibly beautiful
  • Meagan has a sword if she absolutely has to use it, but she never ever wants to


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