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Merpeople are mythological creatures of the seas. The majority of them live in Alantis, or Camp Fish-Blood. However, seven merpeople secretly reside in Camp Half-Blood.

List of Merpeople Within CampEdit

  1. Claire Boyce, daughter of Zeus.
  2. Alex Berry, daughter of Poseidon
  3. Kali Jones, daughter of Hades.
  4. Danny Weeks, son of Apollo.
  5. Rayne Opis, lake nymph.
  6. Marissa Thompson, daughter of Hecate.
  7. Skyler Reyes, also a daughter of Zeus.

List of Beings Aware of Their ExistanceEdit

  1. Hera
  2. Chiron
  3. Tyler Williams
  4. Steven Kirkland
  5. Brent Miller
  6. Jack Morgan
  7. Mo Everton

The Magic PoolEdit

When Marissa Thompson was nine years old, she found the Magic Pool and was transformed. She currently is still a mermaid and has been the longest.

On June 15, 2011, Kali Jones, Alex Berry, Claire Boyce, and Danny Weeks were tricked by Hera to jump within a pool of magical water on the night of a full moon. This turned them into merpeople, with no idea how to change back. They called this pool of water the Magic Pool.


As merpeople, each demigod has certain new powers.

  1. Kali Jones-Hydro-Thermokinesis, Electrokinesis and Pyrokinesis
  2. Alex Berry- Hydrokinesis
  3. Claire Boyce- Hydro-Cryokinesis
  4. Danny Weeks-
  5. Rayne Opis- Hydrokinesis
  6. Marissa Thompson-Siren Singing
  7. Skyler Reyes- Hydrokinesis

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