Relationship Information
Between Kyle Packer
Michael Harvey
Status Best Friends
Roleplayers LivvyLove17

MC Potions

Michayle (Micha/el and K/yle) is the friendship pairing of Michael Harvey and Kyle Packer. The two are best friends, and do guy stuff together.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both are Male.
  • Both are Co-Conselours of their cabins.
  • Both have been on quests.

Michael's Opinion of KyleEdit

Kyle's Opinion of MichaelEdit

Micheal is one of Kyle's best friends and Kyle thinks that Michael is cool and almost a rolemodel. Even though Kyle has gone through some times where he thought that he was being compared to Michael and gotten very jealous and self-concious, Kyle fought through those times and the bromance was bonded. Kyle sometimes wishes he such a strong relationship with his girlfriend like Michael and Jess do, so Kyle is making an effort to spend more time with Sage. To Kyle, he and Michael are like brothers and Michael is a big inspiration to Kyle.


  1. The Boys are Back- High School Musical 3

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