Milcan is the name of the Relationship between Mila Robertson and Duncan Martinez .

Dun = Duncan + Mil = Mila == Milcan


Mila and Duncan

Their Role player is Ivo1011. Their Status : Dating

How They Met...Edit

In the second year in the Camp for Mila she met Duncan when he came in the camp.They became really good friends .After a year Duncan started to have a crush on Piper McLean and Mila was jealous. So after after a few months Duncan stopped liking Piper and after the summer he noticed how much Mila is changed. So after a few dates he asked her on a date and he was so nervous. She said yes and that night they went on a date in New York. After the dinner they went on a walk in Central Park and there was their first kiss. After that they are still together and are really happy execpt when Duncan is talking to another girls, Mila is freaking out ( hahahahaha :D )
Tumblr mqkyitwauX1rie27io1 1280

Mila and Duncan on Duncan's birthday in his aunt Veronica's apartment in New York

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