Relationship Information
Between Miranda Marino

Percy Jackson

Status Friends


Roleplayers Miramc22
Mircy (Mir/anda and Per/cy) is the sibling/friendship pairing of Miranda Marino and Percy Jackson. The two are half-siblings, but treat each other like real siblings.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both are 16 years old.
  • Both are conselours of Cabin 3.
  • Both have Poseidon as their godly parent.
  • Both have extreme powers over water, like their dad.

Percy's Opinion of MirandaEdit

Percy first met Miranda when they were both 13 years old, and he was in awe that he had a half-sister. (Despite getting several more as the years progressed.) He never really got around to talk to her, because he had no idea of what to say, but when he started talking to her, he realized that she actually made a really good sister. At the end of the Titan War, Percy decided to retire to co-counselour of Cabin 3, and gave Miranda the counselor posistion, because she'd earned it. She is one of the many people he cares about, and doesn't want to fight with her.

Miranda's Opinion of PercyEdit

Miranda always thought of Percy as a celebrity when he arrived at Camp Half-Blood because he was the most important demigod there. She was often starstruck talking to him, and she admired him as her role model. She thought that he was amazing and a legend, but when she and Percy began talking, she realized that Percy was actually just like her, and they were alike in many ways. She and Percy became very close friends and now they think of each other as real siblings. She will always be there for him when he is upset or concerned, and she loves hanging out with him. She can talk to him about anything, and she is glad that she is that close with Percy. She will do anything for him.


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