Relationship Information
Between Neil Crushank

Paris Callas

Status Crushing
Roleplayers Noahm450


Nearis (Ne/il and P/aris) is the romantic/friendship of Neil Crushank and Paris Callas. They both have had a crush on each other for quite sometime.


  • Both are 14.

Paris' Opinion of NeilEdit

When Paris had first met Neil, she thought that Neil was adorable and very cute. Her siblings encouraged her to spend more time with Neil, which made her fall for him even more. Neil was perfect, and very, very, very cute. Paris comforted Neil when he needed her.She is hoping that Neil will ask her out and that they can be together until they die.

Neil's Opinion of ParisEdit

Neil had never really thought about having a relationship. He thought the only thing he needed was his music. That was untill he met Paris. She was one of the first friends he had made at Camp Half-Blood and over time he developed a crush on her. Paris is now a part of his life, she comforted him, made him laugh, and looked beautiful while doing it. If anything happened to her, he would have no happiness. Neil plans on asking Paris out and hopes to have a future with her.

Fan InterpretationsEdit


  • MermaidatHeart- It's an adorable young couple that's blooming very fast. Before we know it, Neil will ask Paris out. :D
  • Noahm450- This was my first ship on here and Neil was my first character. I feel bad for not getting this ship together. So Livvy we should realy get them together, like now.


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