Noel Season
General Information
Full Name Noel Hermione Yule Season
DOB December 21, Ancient Times
Age 16, Immortal
Biographical Information
Birthplace Ancient Greece
Godly Parent Zeus and Demeter


Mortal Parent None
Physical Information
Other Information
Noel Season is an immortal 16-year-old nymph of winter. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Noel Hermione Yule Season was born on December 21, thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece. Noel was the eldest of her three other sisters. She is a nymph Daughter of Demeter and Zeus who was put in charge of one of the four seasons. Noel was put in charge of winter because she was born on the Winter Solstice. Noel was always a brave nymph growing up. She acted as the leader of her sisters and was unmistakably the wisest. She could solve any problem given to her in seconds. Noel was also very bossy to her younger sisters. She took advantage of being the oldest and always acted like the mother. Noel always loved winter. It was her favorite season. She found out that her powers as a winter nymph were the abilities to control snow, create snow, and freeze anything. She could also communicate with plants. People say that she has an icy personality beacause she is very stuck-up and aloof. She is very overprotective of her sisters. She can be very bossy is she needs to be. When Zeus said that they should be escorted to Camp Half-Blood, where they would become protectors and be in charge of the seasons there.

Early LifeEdit

Noel was always an obedient child while she was growing up. She was very mature and set a good example for her younger sisters. She was everything that her mother, Demeter, and her father, Zeus, expected them to live up to. She never had many friends growing up. She was always happy and content when she was cold. She loved using her powers whenever she could. She used them for her own enjoyment all the time. Noel could sometimes be irrisponsible with her powers. Noel loved heroes. She is very boy-crazy when it comes to boy heroes, and she often acts foolish around them. Noel is very calm and she is extremely intelligent.


Noel has beautiful icy blue eyes that glow when she is using her powers or is very emotional about something. She has soft, light brown hair and pale skin as white as fallen snow. Noel has pale pink lips, and she is very skinny. She is very beautiful.


  • Phoebe Season (sister)
  • Ruby Season (sister)
  • Autumn Season (sister)


  • None yet!


  • Noel is in charge of winter.
  • Noel can control winter.
  • Noel can control the wind.
  • Noel can fly.
  • Noel can create snow.
  • Noel can create ice.
  • Noel can create hail and sleet.
  • Noel can create blizzards.
  • Noel is a very powerful nymph.
  • Noel is extremely beautiful.
  • Noel can Charmspeak, but not powerfully.
  • Noel is extremely intelligent.


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