Poppy Josephine Day is a 15 year old demigod. Her godparent is Hermes. She is roleplayed by Theawesomeperson202. 


Poppy's Current Loook


Poppy "Fox"Josephine Day was born on September 20 in Detroit, Michigan. Her mother was Daisy Day, who was an entrepreneur, owned many businesses. Right after she was born, her mysterious father left her mother and went North. Her mother was heartbroken, but soon married another man named Jorge Leve. She didn't change her name though, because it reminded her of the first man she loved. When Fox grew to the age of six, Daisy told her about her father. Fox was surprised and excited, but then soon got angry at the gods when monsters attacked her, and vowed to ignore the gods as they ignored her. Her mother signed her up for modeling and singing classes, both she didn't really care for. In her 4th grade year, Fox met an awkward boy named Bramble. They became great friends, and he told her that he recieved messages form the Gods for her. She was shocked that the Gods would actually want to speak to her. So she lifted the vow and went back to the gods. They gave Fox a bracelet that made her invisible. After a year, Daisy dropped Fox off at Camp Half-Blood, where she fit in with the other sneaky children of Hermes.

Early LifeEdit

At camp, she was nicknamed Fox, for being sly and sneaky. Fox has boundless energy and exerts it constantly. She is uncanny and random by nature, but that's part of her charm. Despite her quirky nature, she tends to know exactly what's going on most of the time, but she can also be rather naive and carefree as well. She is also quite creative. She was usually the first camper to welcome a new demigod, because she was bubbly, out-going and very kind. Her favorite camp activities were Arts and Crafts and Archery. At her cabin, she would always prank the boys, and steal from them. After that, she would always tell them the truth and give back whatever she took. She became best friends with the quiet, but smart daughter of Athena named Wren.


Fox has red hair that is usually curly or straight. She is an inch below average height. She has pale olive skin and her eyes vary in colors. She has a big smile and she is very slim.



No one yet


  • She has a throwing spear
  • The gods gave her an invisible bracelet
  • She is talented at singing
  • She used to be a model
  • She has a bag that can carry anything


Poppy Day - Catch Me If You Can-003:11

Poppy Day - Catch Me If You Can-0

Fox singing another Jacqueline song

Poppy Day- Peter Pan03:33

Poppy Day- Peter Pan

Poppy Day singing a Jacqueline song

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