Zeus' shield, Aegis

This is a page with information on the Quest for Aegis and Apollo. You can find all information on the quest here.

The Quest for Aegis and ApolloEdit

Quest for Aegis and ApolloEdit

Led by:Edit


Date StartedEdit

September 8, 2013

Date CompletedEdit



Apollo is gone

Battlelines have been drawn

Your answer lies west

So I offer you this quest

You will have to look beyond Greek

To find the answer you seek

The Caldecott Tunnel is the door

Enter there and it will no longer pour

Aegis resides in someone's home

It will be very useful with her beautiful tone

Your father is your ally, use his light

The son of the forge's flames are bright

Your strengths will be tested every day

But use your gifts to go the right way.

This prophecy was given to Kyle Packer.

Quest ObjectiveEdit

Apollo has been kidnapped at the same time Zeus' shield has been stolen. Olympians think that something may be plotting against them. Zeus decides to get help from the half-bloods to find his shield and rescue Apollo. The Half-Bloods must find Aegis and rescue Apollo by the end of September.

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