Raphael Amour
General Information
Full Name Raphael Vale Amour
DOB October 18, 1998
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace St. Augustine, Florida
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Isabel Amour
Weapon(s) Bow and arrows, throwing knives
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color One brown, one blue
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Years at Camp A few days
Fatal Flaw Vanity, Uncertainty

Roleplayer Anubisra

Raphael is a 15-year-old son of Apollo. His role-player is Anubisra


Raphael Vale Amour was born on October 18th, 1998 in St. Augustine, Florida to Isabel Amour, a talented ballerina, and Apollo. When Raphael was three-years-old, Apollo unexpectedly left the family in the middle of the night. This shattered Isabel's heart, sending her into spiraling depression. Raphael grew up hating his father for what he had done to his mother and their family; though he did not know his fathers identity. In middle school, Raphael was bullied for having a "girly singing voice". Raphael became somewhat shy and reclusive with very few friends. At home, his mother would sometimes sit for weeks at a time doing nothing due to her depression, then be perfectly normal soon afterwards. Such spontaneous behavior made it hard for Raphael to establish a relationship with her. When Raphael was eleven-years-old, he started having dreams of a mysterious, yet enchanting woman. She gradually revealed to him that she was the twin sister of Raphael's father. She had seen how Apollo had abandoned his son and decided to protect and care for him. Raphael grew to love his aunt, Artemis, who even would visit him in person on very rare occasions. Artemis taught Raphael the skills of a hunter and Raphael grew to love the night-time. On Raphael's fifteenth birthday, Artemis led him to Camp Half-Blood, where he is currently developing his inherited skills from Apollo and his training from Artemis. Raphael is generally polite to the other campers, but doesn't say much due to years of having almost no friends.

Early LifeEdit

Raphael grew up neglected and bullied. If it weren't for the care of his "aunt" he would have turned out much crueler and lonelier. Raphael trained as a stealthy hunter under Artemis' guidance and still maintains a steady hatred for the father who abandoned him.


Raphael has very dark brunette hair and one deep blue eye, one light brown eye. He is naturally tan. He is average height and lean. Raphael is never seen without his hidden-knife pendant, a gift from Artemis.



  • Apollo


  • Raphael can hypnotize others by singing
  • Raphael can sneak up on almost anyone undetected
  • Raphael has a natural knowledge of healing and medicine
  • Raphael is a skilled archer
  • Raphael is agile, flexible, and a good climber
  • Raphael is strangely more powerful at night
  • Raphael is good with throwing knives
  • Raphael is a great singer and dancer
  • Raphael is an excellent liar and persuader

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