Relationship Information
Between Raphael Amour

Addison Garza

Status Friends


Roleplayers MermaidatHeart


Raphison (Raph/ael and Addi/son) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Addison Garza and Raphael Amour. The two met very recently, but Addison has a crush on Raphael.


  • Both go to Camp Half-Blood.
  • Both have been at Camp for less than a year.
  • Both have a good singing voice.
  • Both have a godly father.
  • Both have a mortal mother.
  • Both are outcast by their half-siblings.

Addison's Opinon of RaphaelEdit

When Addison was younger, lots of boys would swoon over her, because she was very popular at her school. The thing was, she didn't feel like she was meant to be with any of them. Even when she met Jack Morgan and Ben Casey, who became her fugitive companions, she never had feelings for them. When she met Raphael, she had just finished a fight between her and her rival, Ariel Adam, and was surprised when she found herself giving Raphael a tour. She developed a crush on him, but she has a feeling she shouldn't have one, because they haven't interacted that much. She would like to date Raphael, but is worried he doesn't feel the same way.

Raphael's Opinion of AddisonEdit

Raphael thought that when he got to camp, he would be ignored by everyone like he was at home. He was really surprised when Addison almost instantly noticed Raphael, and was even friendly to him. Raphael feels somehow connected to Addison. He really wants to get to know her better so he can understand this connection.

Fan InterpretationsEdit

Known ShippersEdit

MermaidatHeart- There is no such thing as shipping something before it exists. :D

Anubisra- Can't wait to see their romance blossom!


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