Rayne Opis
General Information
Full Name Rayne Actaea Opis
DOB March 22, Ancient Times
Age 16, Immortal
Biographical Information
Birthplace Ancient Greece
Godly Parent a Nereid and a merman
Mortal Parent Sword, ψάρι
Physical Information
Other Information
Rayne Opis is a 16-year-old immortal water nymph. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Rayne Actaea Opis is an immortal water nymph. She was born in Ancient Greece to one of the Nereids and a merman. Therefore, she is half water nymph and half mermaid (in water, a mermaid and on land, a water nymph). She will become a mermaid ten seconds after she touched water. People hated mermaids in her time so she always kept that part of her life a secret. She loved swimming in ocean currents. She has been all over the world! One day, when Dionysus was angry, he destroyed Rayne's hometown and forced Rayne to leave. Rayne swam all the way to Camp Half-Blood where she was named a protector and met Emma Lore and Ryan Slate. They became best friends and she trusted them with her secret. They have been best friends ever since. One day, Rayne found a sword laying in the ground, so she picked it up and named it as hers. She uses it as self defense, but never has the need to.

Early LifeEdit

Rayne grew up with many other water nymph friends. She always liked Demigods and was fascinated by them. She was overjoyed when she was taken to a camp for Demigods. She was named a protector by Chiron and Mr D. She always loved all plant, animal, and water life, as nature was her favorite thing. She is an optimist and loves talking to Demigods. Her best friends are Emma Lore and Ryan Slate. She met them at her pond in the forest of Camp Half-Blood. They all agreed to be best friedns and they trusted each other with their secrets. She is very boy crazy and has multiple crushes on many boys. She loves meeting new people and caring for nature. Rayne can sometimes be naïve.


Rayne has sea green eyes the color of the ocean. They always brighten up when she meets new people or when she is happy. She has blonde hair and occasionally blue streaks. Rayne is considered "beautiful." When she is a mermaid, she has a blue tail and matching top.




  • Rayne turns into a mermaid ten seconds after she touches water.
  • Rayne uses a sword as her weapon.
  • Rayne can contol the water like a child of Poseidon.
  • Rayne is an extremely powerful water nymph.


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