Reece Cort
General Information
Full Name Reece Veronica Cort
DOB May 5, 1998
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace Springfield, Illinois
Godly Parent Hephaestus
Mortal Parent Knife Earrings

Smoke bomb Earrings

Sword Earrings

Physical Information
Other Information
Reece Cort is a 16-year-old daughter of Hephaestus. Her roleplayer is Abbyabbymc.


Reece Veronica Cort was born on May 5. Her mother is Mare-Ann Cort and her father is Hephaestus. Mare met Hephaestus in the factory. Mare's job was to make tools. Hephaestus was the manager of the factory, called the Tool Shed. When Mare and Hephaestus met, they instantly fell in love because the both had the love for the Tool Shed and making tools. As Mare grew older, still at a young age, she and Hephaestus decided they wanted a kid. They had Reece. Reece was named after her Great-Grandmother. Mare gave Reece the nickname "Reecie" because as a small child she loved the cereal "Reeses Puffs". Eventually, Hephaestus left. Reece soon got tired of her mother because she was forcing her to compete in dance-offs, but she didn't want to. In her free time, instead of drawing and skateboarding, Mare made Reece dance. Reece could no longer tolerate this. At 15, her age now, she ran away.

Early LifeEdit

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Reece has soft, dark greenish-brown eyes and a wide smile. She has pale skin and blackish-brown curly natural hair.



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Powers/weapons/abilities Edit

Reece is the best artist at camp.


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