Rose Cherryblossom
General Information
Full Name Rose Marie Cherryblossom
DOB March 14, Ancient Times
Age 16, Immortal
Biographical Information
Birthplace Ancient Greece
Godly Parent Zeus


Mortal Parent None
Physical Information
Other Information
Rose Cherryblossom is an immortal 16-year-old tree nymph. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Rose Marie Cherryblossom was born on March 14. She was a tree nymph of a cherry blossom tree. Rose grew up, always loving nature and plants. She was always over protective of her tree. She ran away to Camp Half-Blood, where she was invited to become a protector. Rose agreed and loved the life she lived at Camp. She was always very rebellious growing up and she was always daring. Rose always speaks her mind and often doesn't notice how it can effect others. She met Lilly Bushes, who became her best friends. She immediatley became best friends with her. Rose is very boy-crazy and she tries to flirt with heroes all the time. Rose can be irrisponsible at times, but she is usually very funny. She loves her tree and she will do anything to protect it. She wishes to become a great protector and lead many demigods to safety. Rose always stands up for what she believes in, no matter what it is. Rose loves her best friend Lilly like a sister. She is Ivy Pines' rival.

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