Sam Warren is the 15 year old son of Dionysus. His roleplayer is MC_Potions


Sam was born on November 24 1998 to Dionysus and Gentry Warren. Gentry met Dionysus at a high scale party he was throwing and the two began a romantic night together. Gentry had a little too much wine and one thing led to another. Dionysus left as soon he found out she was pregnant, leaving Gentry to raise Sam on her own. Sam was always a popular kid in school because he had a talent for throwing the best parties in all of Colorado. These parties would put Project X to shame everytime but would almost magically be cleaned up before the sun rose that next morning. One night a party went kinda wild and the next thing Sam knew, he woke up in Camp Half-Blood with a lampshade on his head. He loves Dr. Pepper and always seemed to have one to drink.

Early LifeEdit

Sam had a good life thanks to all of his partying . He never held many friends and didnt really care about school. 


Sam is 5'11 with blonde, spiky hair and sea blue eyes. 


  • None


  • None


  • Sam is a master of partying
  • He can make Dr. Pepper appear out of thin air
  • He carries a bow and arrow


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