Samantha "Sami" Hart is a 15-year-old daughter of Poseidon. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Samantha "Sami" Bridget Hart was born on July 29, 1998 to Demi Hart, a marine biologist and Posideon, god of the sea. Demi and Posideon met one day in an aquarium where they were both studying sting rays. They instantly fell in love and had Sami. When Sami was 3 her mother got pregnant with Poseidon once again and has Sami's little sister, Cammie. When Sami saw Cammie she instantly knew that she was going to love her little sister to pieces. Sami grew up very protective of her little sister but Cammie always retaliated about Sami's actions. Sami didn't like that her sister didn't care about what Sami did for her so Sami stopped taking to Cammie all together. For 4 years Sami basically ignored Sami and Sami did vice-versa. Sami always had strange things happening to her. For example, one day when Sami was 7 Sami was at the aquarium with Cammie, Sami had gotten mad and accidentally blew up an empty tank of water, soaking everyone around Sami, including herself. Her mom was not very happy nor were the aquarium staff. When Sami was 2, she started gymnastics and she was the best in her class. She took all advanced classes and she loved it. When Sami was 12, her gymnastics center was attacked by monsters. A saytr named Clover helped her and Cami get to Camp Half-Blood safely.

Early LifeEdit

Sami was always a sporty little girl as a child. She started gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and softball lessons when she was 2. Sami was easily the best at all of the sports she played and she loved swimming and gymnastics the most. Sami trained very hard with both and she hoped to be in the Olympics one day with both. However, Sami knew that she had to pick one if she got chosen for the Olympics. One day, when Sami was 12 her gymnastics cent got attacked by monsters. A saytr named Clover helped her and her sister Cami to Camp Half-Blood where they got claimed right away.


Sami has thick, curly chocolate brown hair and blue eyes. She is very fit from gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and softball. She is very pretty.



  • None yet!


  • Sami can control water.
  • Sami can breathe underwater.
  • Sami can talk to horses and aquatic animals.
  • Sami is an excellent gymnast.
  • Sami is an excellent swimmer.
  • Sami is very flexible.
  • Sami loves water.


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