Savannah Webber
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General Information
Full Name Savannah Dawn Webber
DOB May 18, 1997
Age 18
Biographical Information
Birthplace Elgin, England
Godly Parent Hermes
Mortal Parent Hannah Webber
Weapon(s) Dagger
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Other Information
Relationship Status Crushing on Shane Mcormack
Other Names Sav
Years at Camp 3
Fatal Flaw Loyalty

Roleplayer JordynPallas

Savannah Webber is an 18 year old daughter of Hermes. Her roleplayer is JordynPallas.


Savannah Dawn Webber was born on May 18, 1997 to Hannah Webber and Hermes. Hannah always loved to travel and see new places and travelled more in her life than anything else that she did. She met Hermes on a flight back from visiting Greece and soon they got married. When Savannah was born, both of her parents loved her, but soon Hermes claimed that he had to go on a trip and probably wouldn't be back for a while. Hannah had assumed this meant a month or two, but when Savannah's third birthday rolled around with not even a word from Hermes, Hannah accepted the fact that he was gone forever. The two of them continued to move around, travelling to thousands of different places all around the world. Savannah loved all of the different cultures and people she met and was happy that she and her mother didn't just stick in one place. When Savannah was 14, her mother finally agreed to let her take a one-week trip to New York city to visit some of Hannah's family all by herself. Savannah loved exploring all of her new surroundings in all fo the places that she visited, so of course she explored around New York too. Near the end of her trip Savannah found Camp Half-Blood and was claimed by Hermes the moment she stepped over the border. She loves Camp and is so happy that she found it, and has even made a few friends there, which she hadn't been able to do before as she was always moving around. 

Savannah's fatal flaw is that she is extremely loyal to her friends and any cause that she supports. She would bravely and willingly do anything for her friends and family, no matter what the consequence might be.

Early LifeEdit

Savannah grew up very happily, always travelling the world with her mother. When she was 14, Savannah took a trip to New York City, where she came across Camp Half-Blood and was claimed by Hermes the moment she stepped over the border. She made a few friends and chose a dagger as her weapon. Savannah is a very brave, caring, and loyal girl.


Savannah has long black and pretty dark brown eyes. She is almost always smiling and carries her dagger with her everywehre.



  • None yet!


  • Savannah uses a dagger as her main weapon
  • Savannah can run extremely fast
  • Savannah can be very sneaky, but she usually doesn't need to be
  • Savannah can pick any lock, but she almost never does


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