Scarlet "Red" Samson is a 15-year-old  daughter of camper at Camp Half-Blood. She is roleplay by Trixie19.

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On the 19th of Arpil, Red was born. A man and Athena were her parents. Red never knew her father. She never knew his name. All she remembers is a smiling face looking down at her. This was a man that looked very kind.  Red grew up at a small house with Wendy and Quuin. They told her that she was found on their door step when she was about 1 & 1/2. So really, we don't know how old Red is.

Early LifeEdit

When Red was nine Quuin and Wendy moved to a new home in San Fran. 


Red has red hair and a great smile. Her eyes change from brown to green.



Not Yet!


  • Red is extremely intelligent.
  • She is very strong in battle.
  •  Red is calm and has her eyes toward the prize.
  • She is great at drawing and painting.
  • Red has a shield and a sword named Golden Strike.


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