Sienna Ginkgo
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General Information
Full Name Sienna Brooklyn Ginkgo
DOB April 2, Ancient Times
Age 15, immortal
Biographical Information
Birthplace Ancient Greece
Godly Parent Zeus


Mortal Parent None
Weapon(s) Dagger, τζίνγκο
Species Tree Nymph
Status Immortal
Physical Information
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Fatal Flaw Curiosity

Roleplayer JordynPallas

Sienna Ginkgo is a fifteen year old immortal Ginkgo Tree Nymph. She lives in Camp Half-Blood's forest in her Ginkgo Tree. Her roleplayer is JordynPallas .


Sienna Brooklyn Ginkgo was born on April 2, in ancient times to Zeus and another nymph. She is a ginkgo tree nymph and she lives in her ginkgo tree in Camp Half-Blood's forest, though she loves spending time exploring the rest of the forest and protecting demigods. She has always been extremely curious and adventurous ever since she was born. 

Sienna was sent to retrive a demigod named Aubree Magleby and bring her to Camp Half-Blood, on their way back, Aubree and Sienna ran into two other demigods, Whitney Gertge and John Ellis. She took all three of them safely to Camp, despite the almost constant monster attacks. The four of them have been great friends ever since.

Early LifeEdit

Sienna grew up very curious and adventurous and she always loved helping people. She was overjoyed when she was named as a protector. She is very friendly and kind to others, but can sometimes be a bit of an annoyance to some. She always tries to be helpful to everyone she meets.


Sienna has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is always smiling and constantly carries a brown bag containing her favorite things, including her dagger and some basic healing equipment.



  • Anyone who hurts her Ginkgo Tree


  • Sienna's life force is connected to her ginkgo tree
  • Sienna can heal herself and others relatively well
  • Sienna is kind to all demigods and is a great protector
  • Sienna can influence the growth of ginkgo trees
  • Sienna has a dagger which she uses to protect demigods
  • Sienna can smell monsters


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