Stevie Bracken
General Information
Full Name Stevie Hannah Bracken
DOB July 4, 1998
Age 15
Biographical Information
Birthplace Annapolis, Maryland
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Bow and Arrow
Physical Information
Other Information
Stevie Bracken is a 15-year-old Daughter of Apollo. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Stevie Hannah Bracken was born on July 4. She was born to Apollo and a singer in a band named Gemma Bracken. Apollo wasn't very interested in Gemma and Stevie anymore so he left them. Gemma was planning on divorcing Apollo anyway so she didn't care, but it impacted Stevie's life. She was very upset because she thought that her father didn't love her. She ran all the way to Camp Half-Blood because she never felt wanted at her home. She ran from her home in Maryland to Camp, where Apollo waited months to claim her. Everybody thought that Athena was going to claim her because people always said that she looked very nerdy and that she was cunning and very clever. She never liked Apollo, until he gave her a bracelet that turned into a shield. She never felt related to Apollo, exept for her amazing musical talents. She is an excellent singer and can play any instrument you give her. She loves playing music in her Cabin.

Early LifeEdit

Stevie had a rough childhood because she grew up with the fact that Apollo didn't love her and he left because of this. Gemma never cared about Apollo's dissapearance. Gemma never cared about Stevie and she made Stevie do all of the chores and hard work around the house. Stevie was always very kind to others. She is very good with the bow and arrow, and she is very sporty. However, she is also very smart. She likes studying in the library and spending her free time singing at the Campfire. Stevie doesn't have many friends and a lot of people consider her a loner.


Stevie has dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She wears glasses because she is nearsighted. She is very skinny and tan from playing sports.


  • None yet!


  • None yet!


  • Stevie is an excellent singer.
  • Stevie can control the sun.
  • Stevie can play all instruments.
  • Stevie is considered a musical prodigy.
  • Stevie uses a bow and a quiver of arrows as her weapon.
  • Stevie is very intelligent.
  • Stevie is sometimes mistaken for a daughter of Athena.
  • Stevie knows a lot of weird facts.
  • Stevie is a true fangirl.
  • Stevie is a bookworm.
  • Stevie is a quick learner.


Stevie Bracken Playing Cantate Domino01:55

Stevie Bracken Playing Cantate Domino

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