Thaylene Markus is a 17 year old daughter of Athena. Her roleplayer is Demigod Izzy.


Thaylene was born on March 31st to Athena and Jack Markus. Jack Markus was a police officer. Athena was attracted to Jack because of how much he read.

Early LifeEdit

Thaylene was raised by the campers and her twin sister Brooke. Her best friend is her sister, who she grew up with, Brooke and 1 by 1 her other 3 siblings, Joanne, Anne and Julie came. She had not seen them in forever.


Thaylenne has really long straight brown hair, sometimes red, with green eyes and she has a adorable smile


  • None


  • None


  • Thaylene has a book that turns into a staff, the book is Alice in Wonderland


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