Tori Ortez

Tori Ortez is a daughter of Apollo. Her roleplayer is LuckRP.


Tori Ortez was born on May 26 to Nicole Ortez, a writer and a artist, and Apollo. She was born in San Antonio, Texas. Her parents fell in love with eachother because they had the same interests, such as poetry and arts. They eventually had daughter named Tori. Tori was a beautiful baby with dark brown hair and eyes that change color due to mood. Apollo disappeared one day, leaving Nicole alone with Tori. Tori grew up to be quiet, shy, and alone. She read a lot, too much actually. She never gained friends, people found her boring. When she was 15 she decided to go to New York alone, where she was attacked by three minotaurs. A deer with fur like gold lead her to Camp Half-Blood while she was being chased. The deer turned into a golden hawk and landed on Tori's shoulder as she stumbled into camp. After that Apollo claimed her.

Early LifeEdit

Tori was often bullied and things got stolen from her sometimes. Meanwhile she loved drawing and reading, and grew up with a high reading level.


She has dark brown hair with light brown highlight and eyes that change due to mood. She has olive skin and is skinny. She's very pretty and about 5'8.


Nobody yet.




  • Has a mechanical pencil that changes into a Celestial Bronze sword.
  • A bronze dagger
  • Flexible and quick
  • Natural talent with medicine 
  • Bow


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