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Tyler was born to Athena and George Williams. George met Athena on accident when he bumped into her at a scholars seminar where Atena was digusied as a professor. They started talking and amost immediately fell in love. Athena gave birth to Tyler soon after and had to leave, so Tyler never knew his mother. George never remarried and raised Tyler just fine on his own, never once feeling angry at Athena for leaving. 

Early LifeEdit

Tyler was always a quiet child. He wasnt shy, he just never really had anyting to say. He never really suffered from ADHD and dyslexia and managed to keep a high GPA till 2 saytar came and told him he was a demigod; Tyler mearly nodded and followed. It took him a while to truly learn to fight, but when he did however, he became fairly good. His sense of strategy is almost unmatched. He does have his flaws though. Since he never talks much, he has few freinds. He never really speaks up and is always going off by himself. His main weapon is a 9 inch sword and dagger.


Tyler has short blonde hair that is sometimes spiked up. He wears magic Ray-Bans that can help him determine strategy and even use the Internet. He has brown eyes and is kinda built. He's 5'11.


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  • Tyler has magic glasses
  • 9 inch Bronze sword and dagger
  • Photographic memory
  • Excellent strategy skill
  • Fast reflexes


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