Relationship Information
Between Winnie Kris

Brent Miller

Status Friends


Roleplayers Miramc22

MC Potions

Winnient (Winni/e and Br/ent) is the friendship pairing of Winnie Kris and Brent Miller. They are half-siblings and they currently have an empathy link established between the two.


Winnie's Opinion of BrentEdit

Winnie was convinced that she was the only demigod child of Nemesis in her generation because she hadn't had any signs of her having a half-sibling, she became very doubtful that she would ever have another sibling in her cabin. She was very shocked when her silent world was disturbed by Brent appearing loudly into her cabin. She didn't know how to react to this, but they appeared to be polar opposites. When Brent established an empathy link between the two, they were able to communicate with each other telepathically. Winnie wants to get along with Brent but she isn't sure how to react to his different powers and chaotic lifestyle and get along with their opposite personalities.

Brent's Opinion of WinnieEdit

Fan InterpretationsEdit

Known ShippersEdit

  • Miramc22- This ship is my BROTP. I like it because of their opposite personalities that get along.
  • Trixie19- They are like brother and sister. @_@


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