Zeus is the Olympian god of thunder, lightning, and storms
. He is the "King of the Olympians." He is roleplayed by Miramc22. His cabin is Cabin 1.


Relationships With ChildrenEdit

These are the relationships with Zeus. Excellent is an A, good is a B, okay is a C, iffy is a D, and a horrible is an F.

  • Olivia P.- Excellent
  • Kyle P.- Good
  • Olivia W.- Good
  • Thalia G.- Good
  • Jason G.- Good
  • Theodora G.- Iffy
  • Chance E.- Excellent
  • Claire B.-Excellent
  • Andromeda P. - Good
  • A.J. S.- Excellent
  • Bailey S.- Excellent
  • Chris S.- Excellent
  • Alessandra D.- Horrible

Scheduled VisitsEdit

None yet!

Places You Can Find HimEdit

  • Zeus and Hera's Palace
  • Throne Room
  • Zeus' Court

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