Zia Andrews
General Information
Full Name Zia Annie Andrews
DOB December 14, 1996
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace Gold Coast, Australia
Godly Parent Hades
Mortal Parent Dagger, πολεμιστής
Physical Information
Other Information
Zia Andrews is a 16-year-old Daughter of Hades. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Zia Annie Andrews was born on December 14 to Hades, the god of the Underworld, and Annie Andrews, a young woman who worked as a nurse in a small hospital in Australia. One day at the hospital, Annie met Hades and they fell in love. One year later, they had Zia. She was always an irrisponsible and hyperactive kid with a temper and ADHD. When Hades left, Annie remarried a man named Bradley Foz. Zia was extremely upset after Annie got remarried because she wanted to get her father and her mother back together again someday. Zia , out of anger amd frustration, left for Camp Half-Blood at the age of six. She caught cabs, buses, planes, and cars all the way from Australia to Manhattan where a satyr found her roaming the streets. She picked up a dagger and killed all bugs, rodents, and occasionally monsters with it. The satyr, Clover Greenwood, later found that the dagger was an Imperial gold dagger. Clover led Zia to Camp Half-Blood where Hades claimed her.

Early LifeEdit

Zia spent all of her life training, trying to become the hero Chiron wanted her to become. She arrived at Camp Half-Blood when she was 6. She wanted to go on quests all of her life and always waited until one would come up. Chiron told her that her time for a quest would come. Zia contintued to train until she was on the skill level of the Ares' Cabin. Zia is rarely seen not training. She describes herself as a workaholic with training. She constantly wins Capture the Flag when she is captain. Zia doesn't usually talk but she is always extremely bold and talkative when she does. Zia isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in and she always speaks her mind. She can be very serious, yet fun at times. Zia very is proud of her accomplishments at Camp Half-Blood.


Zia has curly blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She rarely wears makeup because she believes that training is too important. She has a nice smile. She speaks in an Australian accent.


  • None yet!


  • None yet!


  • Zia is an extremely skilled fighter.
  • Zia uses a dagger as her main weapon.
  • Zia is very skilled with all weapons.
  • Zia can communicate with the dead.
  • Zia can visit the Underworld.
  • Zia is one of the Camp's best warriors.


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